Christmas Eve…

Gonna start out this “Christmas” update with a brand new song dedicated to my fellow dreamers.


The first line of the song — “Like the arrow of time, progress only moves one way — forward… it’s unstoppable direction.”

Please do me a favor. Share this song with EVERYONE you know. We all have work to do in the next year. 2016 has been a year when we’ve all been surrounded by such anger and contention… and insanity. But y’know?

Even though I’m an unapologetic and devoutly un-religious person, I’m taking the whole day today to let go and do some work in cooperation with our pal Santa Claus. He’s one of “The Good Guys”. (The real one…. not that character in the animated “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. That Santa was kind of a self-centered shit.) I’m hoping, for every one of you reading this, that the next lap around the Sun is the most amazing one so far for you, filled with passion, purpose, joy, growth… and Love.

NOW… time for a tradition. “The Tree”

I’m really hoping to be back soon with some video from “The Something’th Annual Year End Concert” for those of you in different parts of the country and different parts of the world who couldn’t be there wit us this year. In the meantime, just leave you today with a few images from the concert last weekend, captured by our photographers friends David Hayase and Sean Friedman.






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Thanks so much for hangin’ out. See you tomorrow.