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Friday, November 28, 2014



All outdoor events are weather permitting! Stop by the website before you go if it is questionable.

Central Park Schedule
Saturdays: TBA
Starts around 12:30 and ends when the sun goes over the Hudson.
Please check the website to insure that David is playing!

David is available for private parties and events. Please call (646) 504-7275 for fees and availability.

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A note from filmmaker Dean Love...

As you may know I am producing a documentary about "That Guitar Man from Central Park". I would like to ask all David's fans out there to write me and tell me any stories you may have about David and his playing in Central Park and how it has affected you or what it has meant to you. I've already heard some great stories, but I know there are more that I haven't heard. So if you got a story to tell about David and his music, please briefly write it out and send it to stories@thatguitarman.com . I will be contacting people from the stories submitted to interview them for possible inclusion in the film. Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone on the hill this summer.
- Dean


Right now in Central Park:

Roger Bartlett
Central Park
Central Park Conservancy
Iraq Casualties
Casssandra Kubinski
Christine Lavin
The City of New York
Ronald McDonald House (NYC)


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