New week, and I hafta say…

Here’s the song.


This is gonna be a slightly unusual update. The first line of the new song — “Like the arrow of time, progress only moves one way…. forward.”

I am a Progressive person. I am a Creator. I am a Dreamer. An unapologetic “Possibility Junkie”. I’ve learned that when we are not on the side of progress and change, we are simply on the wrong side of both history and evolution. I wanna tell you guys that, for a devoutly nonreligious person I live on more “wonder” than most people I know. I often say, “I go The-Church-of-I-Don’t-Know”. I am very comfortable there; not completely comfortable… but very comfortable. (I don’t generally trust people who are “completely” comfortable regarding these matters.) I tend to embrace “wonder” rather than “certainty”… paradox rather than singular reality. I honestly cannot say what a thought is the millisecond before it becomes a thought. Where does an idea exist the instant before it becomes and idea? What is Inspiration? I don’t know where that last sentence came from… or this sentence for that matter. It’s an amazing and beautiful mystery to me. the Creative process is a beautiful mystery. Life is a beautiful mystery… a difficult, and fun, and painful, and exciting, and sad, and wonderful, and thrilling, and pointless and meaningful and beautiful mystery.

I am a “Progressive” person. I love the concept of progress, of growing, of evolving. Not a big fan of standing still… or moving backward. Recently there was a slogan about “Making America Great… again”. By the very nature of the sentence, by the use of the word “again”, it denotes moving backward… moving back to something. (Back to what? People who who spout that slogan are never ever specific.) I’m not a fan of allowing fear to stop me from moving forward or taking risks. I just trust that Inspiration comes. I just trust that I am literally Creating, and that there is never enough. I mean, the Universe didn’t Create 100 species of animal and say, “Okay, that’s enough.” Creation is still happening every day, every moment. Species keep evolving. Life keeps Creating itself. There aren’t 100 species of flowers on this planet. There are millions and millions. There will never be enough ideas… because everyday I have more. It is my sincere belief as a playwright, all of the plays written since the beginning of time haven’t yet said… enough. So we keep writing. There aren’t enough songs. So we write new songs. There isn’t enough that’s been Created. So it’s up to us to keep Creating. It’s up to us to be… The Creator. When we say… “I am the Creator” it is not blasphemy. It is our identity.

The last line of the song is:
“Dreamers like me keep trying to find out way,
And we hope you feel like joining us someday.”

I hope you feel like joining us… someday.

Okay… discuss.

I’m gonna be slamming busy in the studio to record “Dreamers Like Me” and get it out to the world.

If YOU wanna help make that happen, we’re raising the money to do it right. Here’s the place to donate.


It was a great hang. We had people in the chat room from Maryland, Florida, Michigan, Amsterdam, Ohio… even as far away as… Jersey.

Let’s do it every Sunday, okay?

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I’ll keep you posted about the newest song. I really wanna get it out to the rest of the country sooner than later… through YouTube and iTunes and any other way we can think of. It’s the one I just wrote, the one I opened the concert with.


Gonna make the song available on iTunes as soon as possible.

Let me just leave you today with a few images from the concert last weekend, captured by our photographers friends David Hayase and Sean Friedman.






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Thanks so much for hangin’ out. See you tomorrow.