Here we go…

“It’s Just Us”… Thursday this week

Here we go. 2022 was a year in which I saw some of my dreams begin to materialize. A couple of my plays are moving… one of them, to Broadway in 2023.

Well… I got a good running start, so during this next lap around the Sun we’re gonna kick the door down. Thanks to each and every one of you who showed up for the music, the laughs, the stories… the time and the Life we shared in Central Park, at “The Something’th Annual Year End Concert” and LIVE online all year. We’ll keep hangin’ out LIVE twice a week with sweet people from all across the country and different parts of the world on “It’s Just Us”.

Quick Comment — I’m still living this Life with open arms and Love, but ZERO tolerance for people who voted for or continue to support the abomination that is TRUMPISM. As my song says, “I hope they feel like joining us someday.” But until that day, the rest of us have work to do!!!

“It’s Just Us”

At the onset of the pandemic years ago, we created a casual music hang that streamed LIVE twice a week. Since then it’s grown into a beautiful, little community of fun people from all across the country and different parts of the world.

We usually go LIVE on Wednesday at 4:00 and either Saturday or Sunday at 3:00 (eastern). THIS WEEK the stream is on Thursday. When you join us at Patreon for whatever you’d like to pay, you automatically get email notification about every time we get together. It’s easy and it’s really pretty cool.


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As a fiercely independent artist, I had to figure out a way to keep my head above water with these online gigs. So if you wanna help out, you can throw as much or as little as you want through PayPal.

Seriously… thank you.

Thanks for Another Year

We did it again at “The Hill” in Central Park. It was another year of music and laughs, stories and thoughts and feelings, incredible moments and… and Love.

Thanks for being in the audience

Last year we took a run at an audacious theatrical experiment and a lot of you were the most important part of it… the audience. I assemble a cast of Tony Award-winners, veteran actors, exciting newcomers… just incredible artists to do a LIVE online reading of one of my scripts that’s now moving forward. (Chuck Cooper, Austin Pendleton, Jillian Louis, Teresa Reynolds, Jamal Thomas, David Andino, Paul Olson — stage directions read by Gretchen Cryer.)

This play is finding its Creative champions to bring it to Life in this coming year. It will kick the door open for several other scripts.

Before the reading of “Jack Flew” at the heights of the pandemic, we mounted a LIVE online reading of my newest play, “THE GREEN ROOM”. As many of you know, I feel the time has come for me to make the transition from a Life as a songwriter to a career as a playwright… to get off the stage, sit in the dark with all of you, and allow my characters to speak to the world. Perhaps I can help hasten the day when “religion” is a curious, dark memory for the human race. (I have my own fun way of helping to achieve that goal!)


During the years of the pandemic I figured out a way to Create music videos in which everyone on “It’s Just Us” could participate. What a blast! Here’s just one of them!


Okay… there’s no denying this town’s had a rough few years since the pandemic. But Life at “The Hill” is still “typically amazing”.

Just a few photos.

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ROCK ON! Thanks so much for hangin’ out.