Thank You, All.


Y’know… before the pandemic hit I was making the transition from an amazing and unique Life as an under-the-radar singer/songwriter to a career as a Broadway playwright. But the purpose of the work is essentially the same; to let another person know they’re not alone…. and to have a fun and fascinating time just being… human.

And okay, while it’s really hard to see the goal of a Life dream disappear from view for an unknown length of time… (I mean, all of Broadway is dark) …living through this surreal reality has unveiled amazing truths and presented some amazing opportunities in my own Life. The LIVE online community that we’ve Created with the bi-weekly gigs “It’s Just Us” has kept all of our heads above water… including mine. So… THANK YOU!

Now Tonight! THE CONCERT!

Go ahead and grab tickets now. There is a limited number for both types of tickets! The “general admission” ticket means you get to hang for this crazy fun gig LIVE from NYC… and then if you want, you can choose to hang for the special “After Party”… LIVE right from the theater after the gig!!! (Kind of a fun backstage pass to hang out with the artists and crew after the gig is over!)

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After the concert we’ll get back to the LIVE hangs on “It’s Just Us”. But maybe we’ll take a little time off. (Hard to say.) All I know is that we’ve helped each other for this long, we can keep it going.

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As a completely independent artist, I hafta figure out a way to make a living with the online gigs. So if you wanna help out, you can throw as much or as little as you want at “It’s Just Us”!

Sharing music and time with you lifted my spirit beyond words. THANK YOU. If you’re feeling anxious or weary from the pandemic, or even just colossally bored… we have a fix for that. We sing together. We dance together. We’re all gonna appear in the next video together. And we don’t even hafta leave our homes. Fun people from New York City, California, West Virginia, Maine, Missouri, Indiana, Long Island, The Netherlands, The UK, Spain, Estonia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Arkansas, Maryland…

Here’s the newest video “BELIEVE IT OR NOT”.


Thanks for being in the audience

Weeks ago we took a run at a magnificent theatrical experiment and a lot of were a part of it… maybe the most important part. The audience. I assembled a cast of Tony Award winners, veteran actors, exciting newcomers… just incredible artists to take a run at this audacious script.

About a month ago we enjoyed a LIVE reading of my newest play “GREEN ROOM”. Hopefully these scripts will soon find a Creative champion to move it, and kick the door open for a few other plays and musicals. I’ll let you all know!!!

After the reading that night we’ll all retreated back to my Facebook page for comments and discussion. It was very cool.

Even though our season in Central Park was canceled…  some new and exciting things are still goin’ on in 2020.

So what’s next? Well… now we’re getting ready for some new and exciting things.

No kidding. Last year we wrapped another season in Central Park, another year I had the privilege of being “That Guitar Man from Central Park”. I wanna sincerely thank every single one of you who showed up, even for one day out there at “The Hill” You make me feel like the luckiest man alive. Here are a whole bunch of photos from our 2019 season.


Incredible. I love this town!!! I’m such a lucky man!

Every week this summer we turned the path into a dance floor.


I’m still consistently amazed. Every time… just blown away by what I get to do with a guitar on my shoulder.

Music, laughs, stories, thoughts, feelings and… more photos soon!

“GET OUT OUR HOUSE”!  I need everybody’s help sharing it across the country and around the world. Click the image to watch.

You can also copy this link… ( ) …paste it all over the internet and email. Have fun.


Please visit my Facebook page and leave comments on anything you want, okay?

Thank YOU for showing up. If you’re new around here… WELCOME! If you don’t follow me on Facebook, go there now and then keep checking back.

Today, I find myself sitting on top of 3 incredible Creative projects that seem to be exploding into the world as I’m writing this: the new play “The Green Room” – the video for the song “Dreamers Like Me” – and the Creation of a NEW MUSICAL… which is the off-spring of the workshopped musical “Possibility Junkie”.

I’m still living this Life with open arms and Love, but ZERO tolerance for people who voted for or continue to support the abomination that is Donald J Trump. As my new song says, “I hope they feel like joining us someday.” But until that day, the rest of us have work to do!!!


Thanks so much for hangin’ out.