WOW! Overwhelmed with gratitude…

If you were in that theater, how many different ways can I say…


No kidding. Now, I’ll be seeing a whole bunch of you LIVE online every weekend on “It’s Just Us” at Patreon. So from the bottom of my heart — THANK YOU.

For those of you who live across the country or across the ocean who’ve already been hangin’ out with me on “It’s Just Us”… you guys will be the first to see all the concert video. (Ha! Screw Facebook!!!)

JOIN US HERE: Hang with us in our new home

All winter we’ll hang out LIVE online with “It’s Just Us”. I promise to make it the very best, most fun online gig it can be. It’s on a platform called PATREON. It’s a subscription based thing… so we’ll really get that community feeling. Gonna be fun

No matter where you you are in the country or the world, you can hang with us. Y’know, over this off-season we hung out “online” with fun people from all over New York City, California, Missouri, Montana, Florida, Indiana, West Virginia, The UK, Maine, Georgia, The Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Slovakia, Ohio, Michigan… even New Jersey.


Thank you… Kara, Allie, Rhea, Karen, Duvall, Jana, Ted, Ken… everybody.

And for the beautiful people who shared the stage with me — George, Chris, Ryan, Dan, Jessica, Denise, “Doc”… no words.

Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Dean Love was in the house with Mike, Sara and the crew so, very soon,  I will be posting video from the amazing time we shared. Those wonderful photographers David Hayase and Sean Friedman were both in the house, so we’ll have lots of amazing images to share as well. Damn! We had fun!

I hope you needed it as much as I did. OH!!! And I’ll be back to tell you more about that benefit gig next weekend! But for now…

Good bye 2019. Here we go… another lap around the Sun and headlong into the roaring 20s!

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