See you Saturday night!

No kidding… have you been watching the news? Has 2017 just been…. exhausting in so many ways!!!

We decided on “The BIG Cover Song” for this year. You’re gonna love it. And I actually JUST wrote a few brand new lyrics for a couple of songs I’ll share on Saturday night. This is gonna be fun. Oh man! I need a night like this!!!

Do you remember THIS cover song we did a while back?

Click to watch


Every year there is always, always, always, always such a special feeling in that beautiful venue. But this year… no kidding… this year I have a feeling we ALL need one night of music and laughs, of being together, of that “It’s Just Us” feeling, so that we can happily kick this year in the ass as it heads out the door.  WE can help each other shake it off and look to the future with hope and a smile. We do it every December!

NOW is a good time to get tickets right here…

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OR CALL the box office:  212-501-3330

I’ve been “That Guitar Man from Central Park” for over 25 years. Once again in 2017 I shared music and laughs, stories, thoughts and feelings with thousands and thousands more sweet people from all across the country and around the world. I’m a lucky man.

And if you’re gonna be in New York City on Saturday, I hope you come hang with us for an annual tradition that we’ve been doing for… for… um… nobody remembers how many we’ve done. It’s

Seriously… this is a good day to grab tickets.

Y’know? Call a few friends. Make a night of it. I mean, there truly is NOT a bad seat in that venue. The balcony is really, really close to the stage, so even those seats are excellent. But this thing usually starts to sell pretty fast after Thanksgiving. So why not make sure you get the seats you really want?


ON DECEMBER 9 WE’LL KICK 2017 IN THE ASS AS IT HEADS OUT THE DOOR! But I’ll celebrate the good times we shared with the sweet people we hung out with all year.

Here are a few shots from another weekend.

If YOU have any photos or video from this past summer, please shoot them to me on Facebook, okay?


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I know. I know. For reasonable, sane people this has been a tough year so far in this bizarre Trump Reality Show. But we’re in it together and we have work to do. Today I’m gonna share a feel good video from our “Year End Concert” at Merkin Concert Hall here in New York City last year.

First, the concert video…

Today, I find myself sitting on top of 3 incredible Creative projects that seem to be exploding into the world as I’m writing this: the new play “The Green Room” – the video for the song “Dreamers Like Me” – and the Creation of a NEW MUSICAL… which is the off-spring of the workshopped musical “Possibility Junkie”.

Here are a few images from last year’s concert.






I’m still living this Life with open arms and Love, but ZERO tolerance for people who voted for or continue to support the abomination that is Donald J Trump. As my new song says, “I hope they feel like joining us someday.” But until that day, the rest of us have work to do!!!


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Thanks so much for hangin’ out.