Just come to Central Park…

Y’know? On Sunday, September 16, 2001… just five days after that terrible event — I went to Central Park with my guitar. I went to Central Park to share my music because… it’s what I do. I’m not a “vigil” or a “rally” kinda guy. I’m not a flag-waver. I just went because my heart told me to go. And I thought I would be essentially alone out there that day. It was a very strange week.

But I started to play and before too long, there might have been a couple of thousand people there with me. No CNN. No NBC. No “news” media. Just us. Thousands of us. We needed to be with each other. We needed to let each other know that we were okay. We need to smile or safely shed a tear in the midst of the madness. It suddenly felt like every single person who had ever hung out on “The Hill” just kinda knew where they wanted to be that day. (If you were there with me that day… you know.) Here are a few photos somebody gave me from that day.

Now, TOMORROW — after the events of this week, after the reprehensible things said by the disgraceful human being in The Oval Office, after watching White Supremacists and Nazis march on an American university, after a week of listening a small percentage of the American citizenry continue to defend or support this disgraceful ugliness and the ignorant little man they elected to “represent” them… I feel we ALL might need to gather again. I know I feel like I need YOU guys. So, I’m heading to Central Park tomorrow afternoon. (I will NOT sing my song “Donald Trump Scares Me”… and I will not make fun of his hair.) This is not funny. This is a time to heal. To re-group. To be with each other again. We will smile. We will sing together. We will have a good time. And we will heal. Join me, if you can, okay?

I’ll bring the guitar.

Here’s a map to show you exactly where!

The new song is here. But I need YOU to share it all across the country and around the world. Share it on Facebook. Share it on Twitter and Instagram. Share it with your neighbors and friends.

Join me to sing in Central Park tomorrow!



We’ll start streaming LIVE from the park for the rest of the world at 3:00 eastern time. Join us on Concert Window!

Join us if you feel like it. There’s a chat room so you can make requests or just chat with the other people hanging out! All you hafta do is log-in and join us. Go to the Concert Window and set it up right now, okay? (Don’t be spooked by the “credit card” thing. We’ve been doing this for over a year. It’s safe and it really, really does cost you as little or a much as you wanna pay. Whatever you want.)


Then just click on this banner and then log-in a little before…

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It’s come to my attention that a lot of people are visiting this website for the first time, just because of a few other things that are happening in my Creative Life as an artist. So I just wanna welcome you…


I know. I know. For reasonable, sane people this is another tough week. But we’re in it together and we have work to do. Today I’m gonna share a feel good video from our “Year End Concert” at Merkin Concert Hall here in New York City last December.

First, the concert video…

Today, I find myself sitting on top of 3 incredible Creative projects that seem to be exploding into the world as I’m writing this: the new play “The Green Room” – the video for the song “Dreamers Like Me” – and the Creation of a NEW MUSICAL… which is the off-spring of the workshopped musical “Possibility Junkie”.

Here are a few images from the recent concert, captured by our photographers friends David Hayase and Sean Friedman.






I’m still living this Life with open arms and Love, but ZERO tolerance for people who voted for or continue to support the abomination that is Donald J Trump. As the song says, “I hope they feel like joining us someday.” but until that day, the rest of us have work to do!!!


We plan on releasing at least 2 different versions of this song..

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Thanks so much for hangin’ out.