This weekend…

Let’s get together again.

Hey guys.

I just got back from an amazingly fulfilling and Life affirming 11-day gig in Mexico. Been back over a week, but that first week of re-entry was pretty eventful. All good stuff… but a lot of it. First I had to see where I am in regard to my newest play, “The Green Room”. Then I took my sister to see Sally Field in that Tennessee Williams classic “The Glass Menagerie” on Broadway. Then I was on a train to Beacon New York last Friday to share a stage with my pal Christine Lavin and Grammy Award-winner Julie Gold.

This week… Monday I needed to show up at that protest outside of the Trump International Hotel on Central Park West.





But I really wanna hang with you all online this coming weekend. Cool?

THANK YOU to every single one of you who showed up at the protest in person or on social media! We’re gonna chat all about it on “The Weekly Show” at 5:00 (eastern) Sunday… LIVE online. I’m gonna play and sing protest songs from every chapter of my life… including the newest one written for TODAY!!!

This was only the beginning. Join us this weekend!

Love, Truth, Reason, Laughter and Music are the answers to Trump-ism…

Yes, I know. I know. We are through the looking glass. But we have each other. We have Love, Truth, Reason, Laughter and… Music. And “Dreamers Like Me” keep trying to find our way. So this weekend (Sunday) a group of us are getting together again in the Concert Window? I’ll stream right from my apartment to your computer. All you hafta do is log-in and join us.


Look, for the past 25 years we’ve shared that “It’s Just Us” feeling… we sing together, laugh together. It’s what we do. But it’s kinda cool now that we can get that same feeling all winter by hangin’ out online…. LIVE! Oh, why not try it this Sunday. And if you plan on joining us, please email a friend or two in another city or another country and ask them to meet you in there. Send them this link:

Don’t be spooked by the “credit card” thing. We’ve been doing this for over a year. It’s safe and it really, really does cost you as little or a much as you wanna pay. Whatever you want. Just click on this banner, set it up, and then log-in a little before…

5:00 eastern — 4:00 central — 3:00 mountain — 2:00 pacific


Make sure you spread the word.

Tell your friends everywhere, no matter where in the country they live to start checking in here. And ask them to join me on my Facebook Page. ( )

I’ll be sharing the newest song… the one I just wrote… the one to rally all like-minded people of reason.


I know. I know. For reasonable, sane people this is a tough week. But we’re in it together and we have work to do. I’m gonna start off today with a feel good video from our “Year End Concert” at Merkin Concert Hall here in New York City a month ago. And then, if you scroll down some more, I’m gonna share the new song which is my personal “Anti-Trump” rallying anthem… “DREAMERS LIKE ME”. And then further down, I’ll share a few more examples of why I feel like the luckiest man alive.

First, the concert video…

Today, I find myself sitting on top of 3 incredible Creative projects that seem to be exploding into the world as I’m writing this: the new play “The Green Room” – the video for the song “Dreamers Like Me” – and the Creation of a NEW MUSICAL… which is the off-spring of the workshopped musical “Possibility Junkie”.

Look… scroll through some photos to give you and idea what I’m talking about.





Here are a few images from the recent concert, captured by our photographers friends David Hayase and Sean Friedman.






I’m still living this Life with open arms and Love, but ZERO tolerance for people who voted for or continue to support the abomination that is Donald J Trump. As the song says, “I hope they feel like joining us someday.” but until that day, the rest of us have work to do!!!


We plan on releasing at least 2 different versions of this song..

There’s always lots of really current and fun stuff on FACEBOOK, too. You can send a friend request and join me over there:


Thanks so much for hangin’ out.