Time is an illusion, but…

GOOD BYE 2016!

I’ve come to feel that we live in an eternal, perpetual moment of NOW. As human beings, we arbitrarily try to make sense of this paradoxical eternity by marking what we call “time”. I mean, when somebody says, “This next lap around the Sun is 2,017” I’m usually inclined to ask…

“Says who?”

I mean, why we call one day Saturday and one day Tuesday is hysterical. At the bottom of the ocean… y’know… it’s business as usual. (I know. I know. Marking time keeps us all from showing up at the dentist’s office at once. So that’s cool.) But time is truly an arbitrary construct and only has the significance we assign to it.

And so that’s why I’m gonna buy in for today and say out loud that I’m happy to see 2016 coming to an end. I’m ready to begin this new lap around the Sun. When I pay attention I can see that 2016 was another fascinating mixed bag for me personally. I experienced so many beautiful and Creative successes in my Life, and faced a handful of challenges like we all do. I was once again surrounded by genuinely beautiful people, and watched this country abjectly embarrass itself. The dreams I’ve been working toward are beginning to materialize, and yet the process is frustrating.

And so here we go!!!



“We’re gonna be okay. The darkness never ever comes to stay. As long as dreamers like me keep trying to find our way. And we hope you feel like joining us someday.”

I closed out the year with another incredible gig at Merkin Concert Hall with all of you guys, and both wrote and recorded the new song in the final month of the year. It was inspired by tens of millions of misguided people in this country, but dedicated to the many, many millions more of my fellow dreamers.


Please do me a favor. Share this song with EVERYONE you know. We all have work to do in the next year.


We plan on releasing at least 2 different versions of this song..

Let me just leave you today with a few images from the concert last weekend, captured by our photographers friends David Hayase and Sean Friedman.






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Thanks so much for hangin’ out.