John Lennon today…

“Dreamers”… he said he was not the only one.

John was a huge, huge influence on my songwriting… but never more so than in regard to my newest song.



I wonder about a lot of things. Sure, I wrote in a song once that I know everything that happens is supposed to happen…. because it happens. But one thing I never wonder about is if John as an artist would have still been a voice of progress, reason, protest, and social conscience today. I have no doubt about that.

Look, we’ll talk about that and other things this coming Sunday… LIVE online. Y’see, the song I opened the concert with the other night, “Dreamers Like Me” was directly inspired by a lesson I learned from singing “Imagine for so many year, then writing a song called “common Ground, and then ultimately realizing that I missed an important element the the pursuit of progress.

I feel like it’s time for me, for all “Dreamers”, to just get started. In the light of what’s happened in this country in the last few months, this is no time to mope, or feel helpless, or feel sorry for myself. It’s time for the dreamers to get to work. So I’ll be here working. I’ll be posting photos and video from the concert. This coming Sunday, I’m gonna be right back on the horse and we’re gonna have another LIVE online edition of… “THE WEEKLY SHOW”.

Make sure you spread the word. Tell your friends everywhere, no matter where in the country they live to start checking in here. Give them the link to Concert Window and ask them to join us in the chat room, okay? And ask them to join me on my Facebook Page. ( )

I’ll be sharing the newest song… the one I just wrote, the one I opened the concert with.


The original acoustic version will be available on iTunes very soon.

Let me just leave you today with a few images from the concert last weekend, captured by our photographers friends David Hayase and Sean Friedman.





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Thanks so much for hangin’ out. See you tomorrow.