Something special… ON SATURDAY!!!

Okay, here in New York City we got like a month of rain in one day. Okay, still raining today… but the weekend weather is looking great! We are only 4 days away from getting together for our yearly tradition. I can feel it already. This is gonna be a special, special night. Maybe because after the year we just had, I feel so many of us need a night like this… smiling, singing, laughing together in a beautiful theater with 500 sweet people.

Hey guys…. come to the concert this Saturday!!!
But get there a little early.

The brand new SONGBOOK will be available for the first time ever!


Get the best seats right now. Call a few friends and plan to make a night of it. On Saturday night, December 3rd I’m gonna be sharing the stage again with George Wurzbach, Chris Tedesco, Dan Paccione, Ryan Cavan and the amazing Teresa Reynolds.

Click on the banner below and make sure you get the seats you really want.


Seriously, for a 500 seat venue there truly isn’t a bad seat. But don’t miss this one. There are about 200 seats left. I say this all the time, but we really do laugh as much as we sing every year.

I think we’re all gonna  need a night like this…

In light of recent events, I just wanted to post that for anyone who needed to hear it. We’ll sing it together he gig, okay?

AND… we’re gonna put a cap on year #25! It’s gonna be a blast and it’s coming up! About 3 weeks away. Last year was nearly a sell-out and this year the tickets are moving faster than last year. So… y’know.  Before anything else, why don’t you call a few friends, make plans and grab tickets sooner than later. Merkin Concert Hall is a beautiful venue, but there are only about 500 seats. So don’t risk getting sold out this year. (It’s gonna be a very special night.)

Okay, gonna leave you now with just a few images of what I’ve been doing for the past 25 years with a guitar on my shoulder in the backyard of the town I  love.






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Thanks so much for hangin’ out. See you tomorrow.