THIS YEAR more than ever…

I think we all need one night like this!

Here…. click on the banner below and make sure you get the seats you really want.


Give yourself something really, really fun to look forward to. A night to breathe. A night to sing. A night to laugh. A night to kick 2016 in the ass as it heads out the door!!!

I mean this sincerely… every year I look forward to the fun and amazing feeling in that venue when I take the stage with George Wurzbach, Chris Tedesco, Dan Paccione, Ryan Cavan and Teresa Reynolds. Every year we sing different songs and tell different stories than the year before, but the Love in that room… the Spirit in that room, the laughter is the same. This year, more than any other since 2001, I feel like we all really need to share that feeling.

I think we’re all gonna  need a night like this…

In light of recent events, I just wanted to post that song for anyone who needed to hear it. We’ll sing it together he gig, okay?

AND… we’re gonna put a cap on year #25! It’s gonna be a blast and it’s coming up! About 3 weeks away. Last year was nearly a sell-out and this year the tickets are moving faster than last year. So… y’know.  Before anything else, why don’t you call a few friends, make plans and grab tickets sooner than later. Merkin Concert Hall is a beautiful venue, but there are only about 500 seats. So don’t risk getting sold out this year. (It’s gonna be a very special night.)

Okay, gonna leave you now with just a few images of what I’ve been doing for the past 25 years with a guitar on my shoulder in the backyard of the town I  love.






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Thanks so much for hangin’ out. See you tomorrow.




On Monday morning of last week, artists like me had a job and a purpose. Teachers had a job and a purpose. Parents had a job and a purpose. Every clear-thinking, sane, good person in this country had a job and a purpose. By Wednesday morning… that job got infinitely more important and the purpose became clearer. We all have work to do. But we will get it done. At the same time, if I’m living an authentic life, anyone who voted for Donald Trump showed me their true colors and is not worthy of my respect. (I find it comical how many seem to be easily offended by a statement like that, while finding NO offense in the disgusting catalog of statements by the candidate for whom they voted.) Ha! Anyone who voted for man who said, “”When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families” (murder) and “When you’re star you can do anything you want. You can grab them by their pussies” (sexual assault) and “I would bring back waterboarding and much worse” (war crime)… well, that person is an ideologically blind hypocrite at best or a disgraceful failure as a human being at the worst. So breathe. I hope someday they will wake up. In the meantime, we have work do. (And the good news is… over 6 million more people did NOT vote for that man than did. So there’s hope.)