TOMORROW… one mo’ time!


Hey guys… the weather is looking just a little better than “perfect” for our last day together in Central Park for 2016. This has been another typically amazing year. (Okay. Okay, we ran into a rotten string of weather for a stretch there. But all in all… man! What a lucky man I am.) So if you’re in New York City I hope I see you in person. I’ll crank up around 12:30 or 1:00 and play all afternoon. I’m thinking Teresa Reynolds will come out to put a button on the “outdoor” season with me. So it’s gonna be another special day.

If you live in another part of the country or another part of the world, or if you just can’t make it out to the park tomorrow… JOIN US LIVE ONLINE!

Let’s try to set a record for the biggest Concert Window audience we’ve ever had, okay? It’ll be fun. We can all show up online at 3:00 (eastern –  noon on the West coast) And I’ll watch what you guys are dong in the chat room in real time… requests and questions and whatnot. cool?

START CALLING A FEW FRIENDS IN DIFFERENT CITIES OR COUNTRIES AND INVITE THEM TO MEET US ONLINE TOMORROW. Click on this banner to set it up. Then just log-in a little before we go LIVE.


Also… if you live here in New York City, I hope you’re making plans to join us on Saturday December 3.


I’ll talk about the concert in the park tomorrow. But I just wanna let you know that the tickets for this year’s “The Something’th Annual Year End Concert” are on sale and they’re already moving. If you’ve ever been to one of these things over the years you know how much fun we have. and if you’ve never been to one, this might be the perfect time to call a few friends and plan to come to this one. This is gonna be a special night because this year, we’re wrapping up 25 years in Central Park. (Pretty f*cking amazing.) And we’re gonna celebrate. I’m gonna share the stage with George Wurzbach, Chris Tedesco, Dan Paccione, Ryan Cavan and the amazing Teresa Reynolds.

Give yourself something really, really fun to look forward to.

Listen, I’ll be back here all week posting photos and video and stuff as I get more familiar with this “temporary” website. But there’s always lots of great stuff on FACEBOOK, too. Why don’t you send a friend request and join me over there:


Thanks so much for hangin’ out.