Oh man!!! Hard Luck Summer weather-wise…

Well… we tried.

I’ll have photos from our rain-shortened little gig in the park Saturday, and from the LIVE stream we did later that afternoon to make up for it. (Photographers Sean Friedman and Sindy Schneider both showed up, even though the weather looked so shitty.) Y’know? I kinda hope you guys who were out there…. from now on… I hope you really understand the dilemma I find myself in on the “iffy” weather days. At the last minute we thought, “Okay, let’s try it.” Even though the radar was looking like it might start raining around 2:00, The Weather Channel was predicting the rain wouldn’t begin until 7:00. So… we tried.

But every Saturday humping equipment the weight equivalent of a small Toyota is quite a weekly undertaking. And yesterday once everything was in the park, sound checked and ready to go… the rain began on the FIRST SONG!!! So the fire drill commences and we re-pack everything… wet and muddy… onto the wagon and run for it. Just a bummer. BUT… thank you to all of you who still showed up at 3:00eastern for the LIVE stream, because we did it from a friend’s apartment on the Upper West side. Turned into a kind of a fun little gig.

NOW… next weekend is the final weekend of the 2016 season. So please, keep all your fingers and toes crossed for a spectacularly beautiful day. We’ll close out our 25th summer together and then get ready for “The Something’th Annual Year End Concert”. If you live here in New York City, I hope you’re making plans to join us on Saturday December 3.


I’ll be back all week with photos and stuff. But I just wanna let you know that the tickets for this year’s “The Something’th Annual Year End Concert” are on sale and they’re already moving. If you’ve ever been to one of these things over the years you know how much fun we have. and if you’ve never been to one, this might be the perfect time to call a few friends and plan to come to this one. This is gonna be a special night because this year, we’re wrapping up 25 years in Central Park. (Pretty f*cking amazing.) And we’re gonna celebrate. I’m gonna share the stage with George Wurzbach, Chris Tedesco, Dan Paccione, Ryan Cavan and the amazing Teresa Reynolds.

Give yourself something really, really fun to look forward to.

Listen, I’ll be back here all week posting photos and video and stuff as I get more familiar with this “temporary” website. But there’s always lots of great stuff on FACEBOOK, too. Why don’t you send a friend request and join me over there: https://www.facebook.com/david.thatguitarman


Thanks so much for hangin’ out.