A couple of things today…

I guess the first thing is that I’m gonna try my best to get out to Central Park this weekend. After that rotten weather day last Saturday, I’m really missing you guys. And we only have 2 more Saturdays left in our outdoor season. So, keep checking back as it gets closer — and keep your fingers crossed.



Next thing. You’re gonna start seeing those posters go up around the Upper West Side and Upper East Side of Manhattan in the next few weeks. Yeah, it’s that time again…

“The Something’th Annual Year End Concert” is coming up already and the tickets are already selling. So call a few friends, make plans to make a night of it, and come hang with me and the usual suspects! We’ll kick the year in that ass as it heads out the door again. (And by that time… we’ll have a new president and this crap will be over!!!)

Grab tickets this week. Click on the banner below and make sure you get the seats you really want for Saturday, December 3.

Don’t miss this one. I say this all the time, but we really do laugh as much as we sing every year. Get the best seats right now. Call a few friends and plan to make a night of it. On Saturday night, December 3rd I’m gonna be sharing the stage again with George Wurzbach, Chris Tedesco, Dan Paccione, Ryan Cavan and the amazing Teresa Reynolds.

Give yourself something really, really fun to look forward to.

Thanks so much for hangin’ out here at the site. See you in the park this weekend.