BACK… and back to work.

Just got back from my first visit to Niagara Falls. I’ll be telling you guys about that this week. But let me start off today by saying I hope you guys are calling a few friends and making plans to hang with us at “The Something’th Annual Year End Concert”. I know December 3 seems like a long way off, but at this time of year time flies and dates just creep up on us. The gig this year is gonna be something special for a lot of different reasons. (I’ll be telling you guys about that in the park this coming Saturday.) But here…. click on the banner below and make sure you get the seats you really want for Saturday, December 3.


Don’t miss this one. I say this all the time, but we really do laugh as much as we sing every year. Get the best seats right now. Call a few friends and plan to make a night of it. On Saturday night, December 3rd I’m gonna be sharing the stage again with George Wurzbach, Chris Tedesco, Dan Paccione, Ryan Cavan and the amazing Teresa Reynolds.

Give yourself something really, really fun to look forward to. Maybe you can use this week to call a few friends and make plans to end 2016 with us in a beautiful 500-seat theater in the Kaufman Center.

Okay, back to this past weekend… here are just a couple of the photos we took when we first saw this amazing natural wonder from the Canadian side. Really takes your breath away.




I’ll be back with a whole bunch of fun stuff this week. And, weather-permitting, I’ll be back in Central Park this weekend. But… GO AHEAD AND MAKE SURE YOU’RE AT THE CONCERT ON DECEMBER 3.

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Thanks so much for hangin’ out.